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The health of soil is inextricably tied to the health of humanity.

By respecting our soils and putting them first, they too will treat us in kind. Together we can begin to reverse the damage that’s been done from a century of chemical farming.

Through practices like cover-cropping, chop & drop, and composting, we can improve soil quality over time and build better food systems which put the health of people, ecosystems, and the planet first.

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How To Build Great Soil

Soil-Building, Compost, and Nutrients


The Regenerative Mindset

In the gardening community, I notice a lot of focus on techniques, tips, and tricks. What I don’t see enough focus on is the context of how a technique fits into the larger regenerative paradigm.

Often, too little attention is given to mindset, in favor of a trick for dealing with this pest or that. I believe that understanding the overarching regenerative paradigm informs your choices for specific practices and techniques.

Once you get the mindset right, everything else becomes much more clear to you, and you become far more mentally self-sufficient.

You won’t need to rely so much on the techniques of others to inform your practices.
You won’t need to buy all the bottles, fertilizers, gimmicky products, and coaching coarses to garden anymore.

Instead, you learn to look towards nature as your guide and grow your garden holistically in a synergy with nature. You’ll find the way to go with the flow, rather than fight against the Earth.

Your gardens will have a chance to thrive in a way they never have before.

My goal is to help you to see the full picture of the regenerative gardening mindset, which will inform your garden choices and act as your guide into a brighter future for everyone to share.

If you’re new to the regenerative paradigm, a desert gardener who wants to improve soil naturally, or you’re looking to expand your understanding of the mindset behind the choices we make in regenerative agriculture, you’ve come to the right place.

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